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Scott Barcz

I wanted to spend a few moments to give you feedback on your course. Unlike many of the other participants in the course, I have had negotiation training in a previous life with Rockwell Collins.

However, I was excited to take your course because of the direct application of negotiation principles to real estate. I must say, I found it to be 2 days well spent. I was very impressed with your level of organization, your enthusiasm, and knowledge of the subject matter. You were also very complete with the level of detail in your subject manner.

I particularly appreciated all of the “extras” you incorporated into the course such as the alternate compensation agreements. I walked away from the course Friday evening with a genuine excitement of how I might incorporate this philosophy in to my business.

It is my intention to approach my broker and get permission to offer a “pay for performance” compensation option to my listing presentation. It is a shame that only 40 some agents in our area took advantage of this great opportunity. Thanks again for coming to Cedar Rapids to present your course.