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Seller Multiple Offers Process Guide

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• Process Summary
• Leading a Multiple Offers Process
• Multiple Offers Considerations
• Seller Multiple Offers Process Checklist
• Seller Invitation to Offer and Offer Term Sheet with Examples
• Seller Multiple Offers Process Worksheet with Examples
• Customizable Forms
• 29 Pages


Imagine – Your Own Multiple Offers Negotiation GPS!

Demonstrate true multiple offers expertise for your clients. The ‘SELLER MULTIPLE OFFERS PROCESS GUIDE’ is designed to help a Listing Agent evaluate various options to maximize Seller Total Value. This guide includes the complete process with checklists, worksheets, summaries, scripts, examples, and customizable forms. You will learn to manage a multiple offers process for your Seller like a real pro!

The ‘SELLER MULTIPLE OFFERS PROCESS GUIDE’ breaks down the 6-key elements of the competitive process to produce attractive results for your Seller. You will not only learn how to plan & execute multiple offers scenarios, but you will also have the checklists & worksheets to reuse for every future situation. No more second-guessing or reinventing the wheel; we did the work for you so you can confidently and successfully achieve the goals of your Seller.

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