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Buyer Multiple Offers Process Guide

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• Process Summary
• Winning Multiple Offers with Your Buyers
• Buyer’s Agent Prospecting for Information
• Buyer Multiple Offers Process Checklist
• Buyer Multiple Offers Process Worksheet with Examples
• Buyer Resume Checklist
• Buyer Escalation Clauses Worksheet
• Presenting Buyer’s Offer Worksheet with Examples
• Customizable Forms
• 56 Pages


Imagine – Your Own Multiple Offers Negotiation GPS!

Never tell a Buyer “The Seller took another offer” again! The “BUYER MULTIPLE OFFERS PROCESS GUIDE” is designed to help the Buyer’s Agent evaluate various options for their Buyer to optimize Value for the Seller while also achieving significant value for the Buyer. This guide includes the complete process with checklists, worksheets, summaries, scripts, examples, and customizable forms.

The “BUYER MULTIPLE OFFERS PROCESS GUIDE” will give you a full understanding of how to Prospect for Information & the “3 E Approach” to obtain the key information that gives you the upper hand on your Buyer’s competition. The combination of techniques, checklists, & worksheets will dramatically increase your odds of success in a multiple offers situation!

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