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Negotiation and Persuasion – Same or Different?

Some people think of negotiation and persuasion as the same thing. While persuasion can be an effective negotiation technique, they are distinct activities.

Negotiation can be defined as two or more people interacting to reach agreement on one or more issues, also to confer with another party to arrive at a settlement.

Persuasion can be defined as the act or process of influencing, also to move or urge – by argument or entreaty – to a new belief, position, or course of action.

Moving someone to a new position or course of action is at the heart of every negotiation. This is particularly true in real estate negotiations where two sides are striving to arrive at a settlement. While anyone can attempt to negotiate, an effective persuasive negotiator will usually be more successful.

Discussing persuasion as a negotiation technique means examining the different types of persuasion principles that apply to real estate transactions. In real estate negotiation there are six distinct persuasion opportunities: self-interest, uniqueness, contrast, exchange, sameness, and sound logic.

The RENI will be publishing a series of blog posts that covers each of these principles in depth. Check back often to read the latest in persuasion principles for successful real estate negotiation.