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When the Other Side Says, “Take It or Leave It”

Ultimatums are a competitive negotiation tactic, and most real estate professionals have encountered them at some point in their careers.  Of the ultimatums in common use, “Take it or leave it,” is by far the most popular.  It is designed...

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Sound Logic Persuasion Principle

The sixth and concluding article in the Persuasion Principle series, we turn to the Sound Logic Persuasion Principle. In real estate negotiations, the principle of sound logic notes that when people are uncertain about a decision, they will loo...

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Sameness Persuasion Principle

Continuing the series of Persuasion Principles, the fifth principle is the Sameness Persuasion Principle for real estate negotiation. The principle of sameness holds that people like to do business with people they like, want to be like, or wan...

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Exchange Persuasion Principle

The fourth in a Series of Persuasion Principles offered by the RENI, we look at the Exchange Persuasion Principle in real estate negotiation. The principle of exchange states that if I do something for you, then you are likely to feel an obliga...

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Contrast Persuasion Principle

For the next installment in a Series of Persuasion Principles offered by the RENI, we examine the Contrast Persuasion Principle in this article. The principle of contrast shows that you can make what you want someone to do more attractive by co...

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Uniqueness Persuasion Principle

The principle of uniqueness states that people are more likely to do something if they perceive that there is an exclusiveness, scarcity, or special quality that is worth obtaining.

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