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Linking Issues as a Real Estate Negotiation Tactic

Professional real estate negotiation is all about making and taking concessions until a mutually agreed upon outcome is reached. Successful real estate negotiation techniques can help to reach that agreement faster. One of the strongest negot...

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Could You Have Negotiated Better?

Unless you have a partner, mentor, or other third party who will provide honest, non-judgmental feedback, chances are good that you will have to evaluate your own performance in any recent real estate negotiation. This step in wrapping up the ...

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Are You the Best Agent You Can Be?

The best professional agents both protect their clients and help them achieve better results versus average agents. Negotiation skills are the primary skills used to help accomplish both of these goals. Think about all the different negotiation...

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How the Brain Learns and the Impact on Training

Human beings are generally always learning something, and the more engaged they are in the process, the more useful the new information will be.  The neurons in the brain love to learn, and they can be compared to muscles in the body that love...

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Why Bother to Learn Real Estate Negotiation Skills?

Do real estate professionals really have to know how to negotiate?  The simple answer – absolutely!  When you define negotiation as, “Influencing or persuading others,” then it is easy to see that the real estate professional uses negot...

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