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Full Disclosure Negotiation Tactic

The full disclosure negotiation tactic can be an effective approach to quickly line up the needs of both the buyer and the seller in a real estate negotiation. With full disclosure, agents literally put all of their cards on the table in orde...

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The Good Cop/Bad Cop Negotiation Tactic – Part 2

The good cop/bad cop negotiation tactic has much in common with the compare/contrast persuasion principle – making the desired outcome look even more favorable when compared to something worse. If you often negotiate as a team, the good cop/...

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The Good Cop/Bad Cop Negotiation Tactic – Part 1

We have all seen the iconic good cop/bad cop approach acted out in hundreds of movies and television programs. Sometimes it is done smoothly and sometimes comically, but always the goal is to have the opposing party become so emotionally overw...

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“You Get to Be the Hero” as a Negotiation Tactic

In real estate negotiations, concessions can be won if the opposing agent feels that he or she is getting something special – that they can return to the broker as a triumphant hero. Similar to the scarcity persuasion principle, the hero neg...

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