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Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Buyer's Agents: - 1-day immersive training in advanced negotiation techniques with focus on buyers and buyer's agents - 120+ pages of negotiation materials - Includes customizable forms to use with your buyer...

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The Back Burner Negotiation Tactic

Using the back burner negotiation tactic can be an effective way to stall a negotiation that is not going favorably for you. And in so doing, you may bring pressure to bear on the opposite side of the table to make concessions that will brin...

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Negotiation Tactics in Writing

In professional real estate negotiations, an offer is only serious (and legally binding) if it is put in writing. Therefore, make all serious offers in writing. By putting the offer on paper you set an anchor point to begin the rest of the ne...

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The Problem Transfer Negotiation Tactic

The problem transfer negotiation tactic in real estate negotiation means to literally give your problem to the other party to solve. In doing so, you can open up the door to more exchanges that can create options for agreement. For example, i...

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The “All I Can Afford” Negotiation Tactic

The purpose of the all-I-can-afford negotiation tactic is to establish a limit or a target - artificial or real - to focus the real estate negotiation on not exceeding that limit. This tactic can be used successfully by agents for both buyers ...

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