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What an AWESOME Feeling!

Getting a call from someone in your sphere of influence about a listing opportunity really gets the adrenaline pumping! An alumni from Bill’s college (he had graduated 22 years earlier than Bill) had called saying he was interviewing agents ...

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3 Necessary Skills for Real Estate Success

This week’s headline news of real estate website Zillow acquiring fellow competitor Trulia may prove to be a game changer in terms of how home buyers and sellers find each other online, but real estate agents expect their day-to-day operation...

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Using the Flinch Negotiation Tactic

In professional real estate negotiation, the flinch negotiation tactic is a physical reaction to communicate shock, dismay or disbelief at what you just heard. Sometimes it is involuntary; your mouth falls open. But often this negotiation tec...

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The Personal Obligation Negotiation Tactic

The personal obligation negotiation tactic can be a persuasive tool in professional real estate negotiations.  When used correctly, it has the effect of making the opposing party feel as though they “owe” you something. Most people feel a...

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