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Getting a Direct Hit on Your Target

All too often in a real estate negotiation, both sides hide their real interests from each other. In competitive bargaining, the Buyer’s Agent and Listing Agent spend too much time arguing “positions” and trying to convince the other side...

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How Much do Real Estate Agents Really Negotiate?

Real estate negotiator . That's really what you are. Your primary skill is influencing others to do or accept what you want or what your client wants. How many issues do you negotiate in a week or month? Let's simply list some of the typical re...

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Time to Sharpen Those Negotiation Skills

For listing agents the fun is over. For buyer agents the fun is back! Inventories of homes are at an all time high. Buyers have several if not many homes to choose from. Homes are now taking longer to sell and it's back to negotiating one offer...

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