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Tim Phelps

Tim Phelps

I teach for RENI because I believe a basic understanding of negotiating tactics is more impactful than how many years you have been in the business. I advocate education in one's ability to deliver the best outcome, and to do so with confidence. When navigating a complex transaction, having the courage and foresight to guide clients through the process is of extreme importance. Whether you're up against a multiple offer situation for a buyer client or uncovering your client's ultimate motivation to purchase or sell a home, having the necessary skills is fundamental for success. My goal as an instructor is to provide each of my students with the right tools to achieve a win-win scenario, with their Win always more significant than the other side. A misunderstanding in negotiating is taking the position of a competitive mindset; this is incorrect. With this mindset, you may achieve your ultimate goal, but at what cost, loss of time, energy, or integrity? Utilizing a collaborative mindset will get you to the finish line in the most effective manner possible, saving your clients time and money. Trust me, your clients and cooperating agents will thank you!

I have enjoyed a successful six years serving buyers and sellers in the Metro DC area. As an Associate Broker in Maryland/District of Columbia, and a salesperson in Virginia, I provide a high level of care to each one of my clients. With the result of impactful client care in mind, this allows me to work with a range of cooperating agents, from those new to the business with little negotiating skills, to veteran agents with a more traditional approach to negotiating. I'm also involved in the leadership team for Keller Williams Capital Properties as the Lead Associate Broker for the Upper Northwest, DC office location.

I live in Bethesda, MD, in our multi-generational home with my wife, daughter, son, and in-laws. When not working on building my Real Estate business, I enjoy golf, hiking, soccer, snowboarding, and anything else that has me outside. I enjoy a good laugh and can be a goofball or class clown at times. 🙂