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David Swan

David Swan

I am a RENI instructor because I believe that negotiation is one of the most important skills in real estate. I am passionate about making agents better negotiators. Through teaching agents the successful negotiation strategies in the real estate industry, agents have gained greater confidence, overcome difficult obstacles for their clients, and become far better agents for their clients. With agents more skilled in negotiation, the industry as a whole is greatly improved.

Holding over 30 years of real estate experience, including 32 years as a general contractor, I continue to take an active role in the industry by serving on the Salt Lake Board of Realtors grievance committee, as well as being a long-time instructor for Stringham Schools. I’ve earned a business degree from the University of Utah, an Executive Certificate in Entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School, Pricing Strategy Advisor designation, and the Negotiation Expert Instructor Certification from Real Estate Negotiation Institute. As the principal broker for Homeology Real Estate Services, I take great pride in teaching, training, and helping agents perform at their best.
I enjoy life with my family and seven grandchildren who rekindle my youthful enthusiasm. I love sports, riding my motorcycle, boating, and creating solace and peace through my art creations.

Always improve yourself, have fun be yourself, enjoy life and be positive!