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Dan Simpson

Dan Simpson

I am a RENI Instructor because I enjoy connecting and sharing with people. I recall when I first began instructing for RENI how impressed I was with the materials and techniques. To this day, I remain impressed as the RENI continually strives to improve upon its materials, methods, and processes. Instructing for RENI allows me to connect with other real estate professionals, share knowledge, and build upon our collective experiences. I receive a tremendous amount of satisfaction and fulfillment as I witness students absorbing knowledge, developing skills, and putting into practice these elements to be more successful real estate professionals.

I have worked in the real estate fields of appraisal, property management, and sales. As an Associate Broker, and a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) I have been selling and leasing commercial real estate for over 23 years. I have negotiated with, and on behalf of, Fortune 500 companies, and individuals alike. Every sale or lease brings with it a lesson in negotiating, and these lessons have served to make me both a better negotiator and an instructor. When educational concepts and theories are put to use in real time, the results are both rewarding and exciting.

When I am not selling, leasing, or negotiating I enjoy the outdoor activities of kayaking, hiking, and skiing. I have a young daughter, Emily, who could probably teach her peers about negotiation, as she is truly a young master of the craft. Spending time with Emily comes above all else as my favorite thing to do, and I am proud to say that I am getting quite proficient on the monkey bars.