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Are You the Best Agent You Can Be?

The best professional agents both protect their clients and help them achieve better results versus average agents. Negotiation skills are the primary skills used to help accomplish both of these goals. Think about all the different negotiations there are in real estate: agent to broker (owner), agent to seller, agent to buyer, agent to agent (broker to broker), rainmaker to team member, agent to third party (title company, lender, inspection, etc.), agent representing seller/buyer to agent representing buyer/seller. How effective you are at influencing or persuading others determines your level of success in real estate (and in life!).

Professional negotiation training will boost both your confidence and competence in real estate negotiation situations. Trained negotiators can:

– Ask questions different ways to get important information
– Negotiate skillfully to find a win-win solution
– Deal effectively with highly competitive negotiators
– Use proven persuasion techniques to increase success
– Use a planning tool to ensure success
– Negotiate performance bonuses for your clients and yourself
– Have specific techniques to overcome deadlock situations
– Use emotions to influence negotiation outcomes

If you have not already received training in negotiation skills, then you have an opportunity to gain new negotiation techniques and truly be the best agent you can be.