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I just finished watching my second webinar. I have to say that I love the vault, I can watch the webinars when it is convenient for me. The information reinforces what I learned in class, it is SO valuable! It is such a great learning tool. And the nice thing is I can watch them over and over again! I am glad that I decided to take the negotiation class and I am a part of the RENI Advantage Group!

Cindy Vezina Notaro

Just wanted you to know that your class is one of the best I have ever attended. It was refreshing to hear a new approach–finally! AND one that truly is professional. I wish I had this expertise a couple of weeks ago when we could not make a $2 million contract work! I would have been richer today. Thanks for a great class and great information. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Camille Abbott


I wanted to spend a few moments to give you feedback on your course. Unlike many of the other participants in the course, I have had negotiation training in a previous life with Rockwell Collins. However, I was excited to take your course because of the direct application of negotiation principles to real estate. I must say, I found it to be 2 days well spent. I was very impressed with your level of organization, your enthusiasm, and knowledge of the subject matter. You were also very complete with the level of detail in your subject manner. I particularly appreciated all of the “extras” you incorporated into the course such as the alternate compensation agreements. I walked away from the course Friday evening with a genuine excitement of how I might incorporate this philosophy in to my business. It is my intention to approach my broker and get permission to offer a “pay for performance” compensation option to my listing presentation. It is a shame that only 40 some agents in our area took advantage of this great opportunity. Thanks again for coming to Cedar Rapids to present your course.

Scott Barcz

Your CNE program was the very best educational activity I have seen in the real estate industry. Having been in the “corporate world” where I was deeply involved in mergers and acquisitions, I thought I knew a lot about negotiation. However, I learned so much new from your 2-day program — particularly as it relates to real estate. I believe that every real estate professional who wants to maximize his/her potential for success must take your CNE course. You were not only informative but were able to intermix “real life” stories (case studies), role-playing, and humor into the program so that the classroom hours literally flew by.

Leonard Tinnan

I wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed your class. I have been a Realtor for the past 6 years and a prosecuting attorney for 21 years before that. I am also a certified mediator. Your class provides exceptional tools to real estate professionals whether or not they have a background in negotiations. This class was both a great foundation for those learning the necessary skills and also a wonderful refresher for the more experienced practitioner. I would highly recommend it to everyone!

Ann Garriott

JD, GRI, e-Pro

In addition to my license to practice law in Iowa, I am a licensed in Iowa as a Real Estate Broker. I attended a two-day seminar … [that] was very well done, very substantive, and contained an analytical framework for arm’s length negotiation that was both worthwhile in the context of real estate brokerage activities, but also provided a multitude of transferable perspectives and skills for my law practice. As a contract lawyer, with emphasis on real estate matters, I am involved almost daily in negotiations either directly on behalf of clients or through advice to clients. Enhancement of new negotiation perspectives and cultivation of those skills will inevitably work to enhance the quality of my professional law practice. The seminar was led by an instructor who obviously had considerable relevant, practical experience.

Jonathan Wilson

Attorney, Broker

The Certified Negotiation Expert class was fantastic. I can say without hesitation that it was the most beneficial of courses that I’ve taken in my real estate career. This was truly a win-win, where my clients gain the expertise of a more savvy agent and I gained critical skills to distinguish myself in the real estate marketplace.

Sam Archer

Over the years I have traveled the country taking classes and attending sales seminars and rarely have I enjoyed a class more or found the content to be so rich with relevant information. While there sure isn’t a shortage of speakers, it’s your corporate background and Procter & Gamble experience that I believe added a valuable element that’s rare among real estate seminars. When combined with your practical experience as a REALTOR®, your insight was beyond any I’ve ever seen in a real estate speaker. We feel like you’ve given us a valuable competitive advantage that will help us to differentiate our service.

Cindy Brouillette


Over the last 20 years I have been involved in negotiating for clients and have gone through countless courses and material to educate myself. Out of all the courses, I found your course to be the best organized and the information was relevant. I look forward to auditing the course in the future and encouraging other agents to take it.

Michael Connell,


I really enjoyed your class over the last two days. I can now see how planning for a negotiation can really give me the upper hand. I learned a ton and can begin applying what I learned immediately. Thanks again for the great class. Every real estate agent should take this class!

Jim Gruler

Broker, CNE

The CNE course contained more directly-applicable knowledge to my day-to-day business operations than any course I’ve taken in decades, if ever. The CNE course is clearly tailored to altering the way that attendees approach negotiations of any sort and effectively improves the willing participant’s skills. Once enough people know what kind of quality information is available in the CNE course, I think it will be hard to hold enough classes. Once the public learns what additional skills and knowledge CNE agents have, CNE agents will be the most in-demand Realtors in their markets. This is an extremely valuable course with fantastic support materials.

David Hancock


Your presentation was the best I have attended. Your materials were excellent, as was the content. Your delivery, breaks, and total presentation were precise, timely, and very educational. Thank you for helping me take my business skills to the next level.

David Galyean

I have my GRI and ABR and this class/designation was by far the BEST class I have ever attended. The take away moments were so valuable and I can’t believe the amount of supplemental documents/data that came with the class. I was totally engaged the 2 days and that says a lot for my short attention span. Thank you for a world class presentation and interactive forum.

Kim Burke


I have to admit that I was not looking forward to two full days of continuing education last week and prepared myself to just “suck it up” and get it over with. I could not have been more wrong. I feel like I just added a powerful new weapon to my arsenal in giving the best service to my clients. Not only do I feel better able to recognize competitive negotiating techniques when they are being used against me, I feel better prepared to negotiate accordingly to get the best result for my clients. I also feel empowered in the knowledge that many of the techniques that I already use are those used by successful negotiators. I can see already that the knowledge I gained in this class will serve me well, not only in Real Estate, but also in any negotiation situation for the rest of my life. Thank you for a fun, informative class that I hope no one else in my market takes!

Melissa Harris

I’m an MBA from a well respected school (Rice University) and have been through some negotiation course work from my time in corporate (Compaq, AMD, Vignette) as well. Nevertheless, I felt the course might be helpful as it had a ‘real estate’ focus. I couldn’t have been more surprised with the content, delivery, and ‘golden nuggets’ of information provided! Thank you. Amazingly, after six years of owning my own Brokerage and struggling with some transactions (personalities) when it was crunch time – I now have more confidence, understanding and knowledge to deal with the twists and curve balls that naturally come from an emotionally laden purchasing decision. Following your course I realized I had gained a clear understanding of how to present various alternatives to the three primary ‘types’ of negotiators… including our own buyer clients and the classic ‘Buyers Rep’ Agreement tussle. Now we have a clear, concise and understandable presentation that makes it easy and in the clients ‘best interest’ to sign our agreement. Thank you again for your insight and tips… our firm has benefited and so will our clients, which is the real goal!

Bob McKenna


The CNE course is by far the most essential course for the real estate industry. Since taking the course, I’ve entered negotiations better equipped, with more confidence, and achieved much better results for myself and my clients.

Ben Hoefer


I do want to tell you that I was able to undo a foreclosure on a short sale file I was working on and I have you to thank. To make a long story short, we had a short sale listing that went to sheriff sale and the judge ordered the property back to the bank. After the judgment, I was able to persuade the banks attorney to advocate for us and present the offer. The bank approved the short sale and rescinded the foreclosure. I believe that the principles I learned in your class gave me both the confidence and skill to negotiate and get this result.

Gary Perret