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Making You The Expert!


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What We Do

Simply put: We Make YOU the Expert!

We believe in helping real estate agents succeed at the highest levels.

We help real estate agents improve their results by offering the best professional negotiation training in real estate in North America.

We only teach negotiation skills. But these skills are involved in every aspect of real estate. (And life in general!)

Our negotiation content is similar to what is taught at the best colleges, universities, and corporations. We know this because we have taken that training!

We constantly research and read all the latest books, articles, and literature involving negotiation, persuasion, or influence. And our training is updated regularly to give you the very best approaches.

Our courses are focused on residential real estate transactions. You receive tools and resources to deal with any and every situation you might encounter.

What our students say:

  • The vast majority of our students say our negotiation training has a significant impact on their business.
  • Overall, our students give our courses and instructors a rating of 98%.
  • Students also give our company a trust rating of 4.7 out of 5.0.

We would love to do this for YOU!

REQUEST A private seminar for your group

We do many private classes for brokerages across the country. The benefits of a private class include:

  1. 1) Better results for clients and agents / broker
  2. 2) Focused content for the audience
  3. 3) Ability for specific questions, policy support, and requested discussion topics
  4. 4) More open discussions among members of the same group
  5. 5) A common language and skill set to use within the group

If you would like to explore the possibility of a private group class just click below on Book Your Seminar and complete the form! We will have the right instructor contact you right away.

CNE Core Concepts
CNE Advanced Concepts

become areni instructor

  • Passion for teaching / helping others
  • Best instructor compensation package (with bonuses)
  • Leading negotiation training company in real estate in North America
  • #1 skill clients want
  • Best negotiation content
  • No limits